The ceremony of awarding The Game Awards 2017 will be held tomorrow


It would seem that only recently died down gaming exhibition E3, Gamescom and the Tokyo Games Show, and on the nose is a completely new event. For example, on Saturday launched the 2017 exhibition PlayStation Experience, during which Sony will show new projects for its console, the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR headset. And tomorrow will be held the ceremony of awarding the best games of the year at the Game Awards in 2017. A kind of “Oscars” of the gaming industry is interesting not only for the solemn part, but the fact that during the ceremony the audience show brand-new video games. What to expect from the ceremony, as well as where and when to watch the broadcast of this event – read our material.

The permanent host of the ceremony, The Game Awards journalist Geoff Keighley has started to stir up interest in the event several weeks before it starts. In his Twitter, he publishes news about what we expect from the upcoming ceremony. So, in the course of the conference we expect 15 to 18 “world premieres”. It can be trailers of brand new games, big announcements and much, much more. Among other things, Keighley noted that the audience for two games in a brand-new gaming universes that no one had ever seen. All this is very intriguing, isn’t it?

Also from Keighley, we learned that The Game Awards 2017 definitely will visit a game designer Hideo kojima (Metal Gear Solid), Guillermo Del Toro (“Hellboy,” “pan’s Labyrinth”) and actor Norman Reedus (“Boondock Saints”, “the Walking dead”). As you probably know – the trio is currently involved in developing a mysterious game of Death Stranding, which are virtually unknown. It is not excluded that we will show a new trailer or even (fingers crossed!) a piece of real gameplay. But to make ahead of time and hope for something I wouldn’t recommend it, in order not to be disappointed if we still will show nothing.

Fans of the blockbuster today Playerunknown’of the game’s Battlegrounds will be happy to finally see a completely new map, on which the developers work for quite some time. Area called Miramar is a vast desert region that offers the players a huge scope for creativity and survival. During the ceremony, we will also introduce a new region to live. The developers from the Studio Rare, which is owned by Microsoft, promise to tell something interesting about his new game Sea of Thieves. It is likely that we will call the release date of the project.

Ukrainian developers from 4A Games will show new gameplay of their upcoming game Metro: Exodus. Let me remind you that it was first presented at the exhibition E3 2017 and has produced players good enough impression. About the upcoming ceremony goes a lot of different rumors, including the absolutely fantastic. For example, what will be first seen games such as Soul Calibur VI, Devil May Cry 5, and even (!!!) Portal 3. Although, speaking of Portal, this rumor most likely was born from the announcement of the new Bridge Constructor puzzle game Portal, made in the style of Valve games. So for a game with the number 3 in the title should not count.

It is not excluded that we are waiting for new announcements from these studios and publishers, as Rocksteady, Nintendo (they have long fed us with promises to reveal a new Metroid Prime) and many others. In addition to Geoff Keighley on the stage of The Game Awards 2017 will be such celebrities as Andy Serkis (“the Lord of the rings, planet of the apes”), Zachary Levi (“Thor: Ragnarok”, “Chuck”), Felicia day (“Music blog Dr. Horrible”, “Guild”), Aisha Tyler (“Archer”). To warm up the audience will be the musical group Phoenix, renowned cellist Tina Guo and real Symphony orchestra.

The ceremony will begin December 8 at 3:30 a.m. Moscow time. About an hour will last the so-called pre-show, after which at 4:30 will start the official part of the event. To watch a live stream will be on YouTube here at this link. If you for some reason can’t watch the broadcast, don’t worry! We will promptly publish on our website the full report about all the new announcements, The Game Awards 2017. So stay with us.

The ceremony of awarding The Game Awards 2017 will be held tomorrow
Sergey Grey