NVIDIA has taught artificial intelligence to create a fake video


Every day news about artificial intelligence and its achievements become more and more. The other day we told you that the AI created within the walls of Google, for the first time in history gave rise to new AI, superior to any alternative developed by man. Today will tell you about artificial intelligence, which introduced the world to famous NVIDIA. Why is it interesting? Yes, that creates a frighteningly convincing fake video that not every specialist will be able to distinguish by eye from the real.

The program NVIDIA-based artificial intelligence has amazed even seasoned experts in this field. The thing is that the developers have learned it on the fly to convert videos, radically changing their content. And it turns out the AI is so good that to distinguish “fake” from reality is very difficult. For example, the system is fed to a video shot recorder car in the winter time. AI carefully studying it and changing ice landscape in the summer. Below you can see the source code and the result with my own eyes.

The algorithm is based on the use of generative adversarial networks (GAN). The next video looks a bit less convincing, however still very impressive. This time, before the AI has set the task to make daytime – night. Forgery issues is that the curves plotted on the roadbed markings and some artifacts at the edges of the image.

According to the developers, NVIDIA, they did research in the field of automatic coloring pictures. But in the end the resulting system quite learned to cope with processing video files. And to do this it is a very high quality level. Just imagine what will be able to AI after 10 years of commercials. It will be impossible to say with certainty: today we have a video or fake. Because the artificial intelligence today is able, for example, to falsify the record of people, adapting their facial expressions under a totally different word. And what will happen next? Only time will tell. And finally, to lift your spirits, here’s another small video, which demonstrates the ability of the AI to convert, for example, ordinary house cats to leopards, and leopards in cats. Well, isn’t that really cute?

NVIDIA has taught artificial intelligence to create a fake video
Sergey Grey