Elon musk blamed the shortage of batteries


The problems Elon musk associated with batteries have not gone away. Moreover, now it is also considered guilty of deficiency of AA batteries, which is now observed in South Korea and Japan. An unnamed source Korean newspaper Etnews has accused the company of Tesla is that due to the fact that it requires a lot of batteries for electric vehicles, manufacturers, collaborating with her has very little resources to meet the needs of others in need.

The source explained that most of the electrolytes and other components necessary for the production of normal AA batteries, Panasonic has spent on the execution of orders Tesla, as a result of leaving without batteries for thousands and hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Skeptics will say that electric cars Tesla sold not so good, and the new and even barely coming off the conveyors at a couple of hundred Grand a week, and for the production of other models, it is common enough batches, the delivery of which is established for many years. But the source is sure that it is not so, because recently Tesla has teamed up with SolarCity, starting to make batteries PowerWall. On Gigafactory batteries supplies not only Panasonic, often have to solve problems, referring to LG, Samsung and Japanese Murata.

“The deficit has a negative impact not only on the ability to buy batteries, but their cost, which continues to grow in Korea and Japan. The problem will be solved until mid-2018,” the newspaper quoted his companion.

A serious charge, which, however, looks quite strange, especially against the background of reported quarterly losses of the company Ilona Mask. But if the newspaper is right, Tesla do with all these batteries? And, most importantly, why? By the way, how have you been affected by the shortage of batteries?

Elon musk blamed the shortage of batteries
Vyacheslav Larionov