Designed adhesive for eyes to protect from blindness


First aid for various diseases and injuries can preserve human health and even save his life. But sometimes it so happens that if a person does not help in the first few minutes — the changes are irreversible. And with one of these injuries will soon be overcome, as scientists have developed a unique adhesive for your eyeballs, which can seal the defect from penetrating wounds.

In fact, similar injuries to the eye represent a great danger. The fact is that when wound the intraocular pressure very quickly drops. A sharp drop in pressure can cause a number of irreversible changes until retinal detachment and blindness. Therefore, to neutralize the defect and stop the pressure drop required in the shortest possible time, which is possible only in the operating room.

Invented at the University of southern California, the adhesive is a liquid substance which changes its state of aggregation and solidified at body temperature. After applying on the wound the glue fills the entire space of the defect and solidifies, turning into something like a “screed”. Thus it is possible to prevent pressure drop and successfully deliver the victim in medical institution, where the glue is without health effects can be removed, and the man qualified help.

Designed adhesive for eyes to protect from blindness
Vladimir Kuznetsov