Facebook releases messenger baby


The issue of security and privacy of user data on the Internet lately discussed more often. The main focus of the creators of social networks are doing to protect the younger generation from inappropriate content, to keep track of the distribution which is physically very difficult. It is also impossible to ignore the dishonest users, which can harm the baby. YouTube has already launched a similar platform for viewing video content and now joined Facebook, which experts have developed a program Messenger Kids.

That Facebook plans to release a children’s messenger, we wrote earlier this year. The new platform is intended for users under the age of 13 and has built in parental control features. Messenger Kids allows child to safely communicate with family members and friends. If to open an account will not work, and in order that the child talked to friends from school or the house next door, their parents have to be friends in the “big” version of Facebook. Account Messenger Kids are not tied to a phone number.

And, interestingly, accounts Messenger Kids Facebook and are not linked to each other, but parents, friends and family members can communicate with each other through our own version of the app. Missing in the new application, including advertising and in-app purchases. Messenger Kids has the function of video, stickers, masks and all the “classical” functions of modern means of communication. Kids Messenger now available only on iOS and the version for Android and Amazon Kindle is expected next year.

Facebook releases messenger baby
Vladimir Kuznetsov