Grand Prix Spa means work to be done


Francorchamps –

Every inhabitant of the Belgian village of Francorchamps, which also has a small piece of land possession, know what him or her to do during the Grand Prix: earn money.

LIVE Reporter Sophie Jibs is in Francorchamps. Her tweets you can find at the bottom of this article.

Photo: The Telegraph

“Only during the race, we are a campsite,” says the owner of the pasture where we have our Telegraph-caravan stables. Brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren are all called to help. The oldest son bakes in the morning on a two-pit-gasfornuisje eggs with bacon. With a cup of coffee, having to pay the guest five euros.

The kids ride with orange bibs on the bike for the cars from their bike over the meadows, where the boxes with white chalk are marked. The cars must be the site, also useful for those in between, his phone should be charging. Electricity outlets are not there. Those who only would like to park in pay a dollar per day.

Photo: The Telegraph

All landowners consent to have their land temporarily to lease it. However, they must pay taxes to the municipality. And that means, but all in the eye what is there on the lawns. Regularly get reviewers along to the number of caravans and tents to count.


Extra lucrative is it to showers to offer. On the green camp-site are signs for the cabins: four euros each time. “I am crazy henkie not’, thought the Rens from Rotterdam. With his friends made he a outside shower and shut him in on the faucet in the motorhome. “May take up to sixty degrees and be warm!” The tank was filled to the brim with water. Nothing no four euros to pay for a shower. We remain at the end of the Hollanders.

Photo: Rias Immink Phd

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