Disney the neural network determines the audience reaction to the films


The film industry represents not only art and business, but also inextricably linked with the science and technical progress. The audience, of course, for the most part does not want to go into technical details create your favorite pictures and TV shows, but experts studios such questions concern constantly. High technology, among other things, allow us to understand how much a particular film came to taste the audience. Disney, for example, was established for this purpose specifically a neural network.

Disney wants to accurately determine the reaction of the audience on their artistic and animated films, so attracted to the work on the creation of neural network experts from the California Institute of technology and its division of Disney Research. The resulting system was presented at the Conference recognition of behavioral patterns, which was held recently in Hawaii. Methodology for the identification of emotional responses based on facial expressions of the audience demonstrated on the example of cinema-goers. The system in real time was determined by the emotional state of each individual of the audience and brought the results to the database.

For training neural network researchers had to watch the jam-Packed halls, which demonstrated hundreds of artistic and animated films of Disney. Each viewer enters the lens the high resolution camera with built-in night mode shooting (today used in many cinemas in order to identify the pirates or any other violations of the rules of the institution). The neural network studied approximately 16 million facial expressions to learn to distinguish one from the other.

After the training, the system needs about 10 minutes to warm up and get used to the new audience and their facial expressions, after which she accurately assesses and documents the reaction of the audience to the film. The system not only can determine the current emotional state of the viewer, but is also able to predict subsequent emotion, such as laughter or just a smile. Yet Disney can’t say for certain how exactly to use the technology. But it is possible that in the future she will find good use in the film industry. While well acquainted with the research results on the official website of Disney Research.

Disney the neural network determines the audience reaction to the films
Sergey Grey