Research: a bargain is always lurking


You’re just happy with your new car, you suddenly discover that there is something wrong with it. This is more common than you think, because one in seven cars turns out to be a bargain.

The autosite Finnik has done research into the number of miskopen in the Netherlands. Every year there are nearly two million autotransacties place, new and second-hand are added together. All of these cars are no less than 285.000 “miskopen”. The damage for the Dutch consumer is this to over 213 million euro. According to Finnik, this is still a conservative estimate because they are assumed to be of a bargain that, on average, 750 euros in damages it brings to the buyer.

How is it that there are so many miskopen take place? The survey of 700 car buyers show that more than half of the people at least one bargain with a used car. “Technical problems that are overlooked,” with 22 percent the most commonly mentioned reason of a wrong purchase. The problems that often occur are the leakage of oil, a hole in the exhaust or a motor that is not entirely in order. In addition, 13 percent of the fault because the car isn’t well maintained, and in 10 percent it was the poor service of the dealership or the private seller in question.

Most car buyers also had the idea that the bargain is not could have been prevented. However, a section that they belong to a purchasing in a technical study, to ensure that everything is in order. Do you plan to soon have a new car to purchase you must first check whether everything is alright before you also with a smelly cat in the bag.