This straatlegale P1 GTR need millions to deliver


Tip: don’t forget your wallet and the necessary organs do not to take.

The McLaren P1 is with 350 copies of an exclusive showpiece. The P1 GTR is with 58 pieces even more exclusive. One drawback: you can’t legally take your website on the PC Hooft.

Fortunately (?) that problem is solved thanks to the handy do-it-yourselfers. The team of Lanzante Motorsport builds GTR’s so that there is a registration number on it should be. There are already several examples added, and again there appears a straatlegale P1 GTR.

Registration or not: this GTR is not driven much. The car has only 360 miles experience and which hypercar should soon have a horrific amount pass muster at the Villa Erba auction of RM Sotheby’s.

The auctioneers expect a yield of between 3.2 to 3.6 million euro for the brutal Brit. A conversion by Lazante Motorsport goes hand in hand with a price tag of converted 283.000 euros.

Or the future owner is going to shoot with this GTR is the question. The technique is astonishing, but most of the copies will disappear in garages as a smart investment. The car will be in the last weekend of may to be auctioned.