More than half of the truckers is not sufficiently trained


More than half of the truckers is not sufficiently trained

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Truckers niet voldoende bijgeschoold
They walk the later risk of fines of €800 euro, and that is their own stupid fault.

Recently found that 65% of the truck drivers do not have the thirty-five hours of mandatory continuing education has done for 10 september in the pocket. The so-called Code 95 is required, and truckers that the training is not successfully completed for september 10, running chance at a fine of €800 euro. And they have already so heavy. Some companies have dozens of people training by the CBR, but the capacity there is limited. In the mandatory training to be drivers both theoretically and in practice tested on their competence. At many schools, is now no more space to the training books.

According to the Inspection living Environment and Transport, the drivers themselves are to blame as they will get a fine. The mandatory date of 10 september 2016 was already very long known and drivers think that it is with the enforcement, however, will fall. The ILT, however, is to know severe to go check.

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