Filling up on holiday? Leave the motorway!


Filling up on holiday? Leave the motorway!

Posted on 07-07-2016 at 12:57 by MauritsH – 45 Comments”

Tanken op vakantie? Ga van de snelweg af!
Saves euros.

Our friends from the ANWB have undertaken research into the price of fuel abroad. The results of that research schotelden we you already, but today presented the bond to the figures from a study of the various gasoline prices who embrace holiday destinations. What turns out? Outside of the highway you are considerably cheaper than along the highway. Actually, just as in the Netherlands, so.

At 150 gas stations in nine different countries, the prices of fuel and drinks/snacks listed. The results showed that the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest pump within a given country could rise to as much as 37 cents (Italy). France and Germany showed differences of, respectively, 21 cents and 26 cents. In other countries, it is again hardly worth the trouble to get from the highway to deviate. This pertains specifically to Belgium and Luxembourg.

These were according to the research the cheapest places to fill up:

  • 1. Luxembourg outside highway
  • 2. Luxembourg along highway
  • 3. Spain outside highway
  • 4. Austria outside highway
  • 5. Germany outside highway

And these are the most expensive spots:

  • 1. Italy along highway
  • 2. Switzerland along highway
  • 3. The netherlands, along highway
  • 4. Switzerland outside highway
  • 5. Italy out of highway

Further, the study showed the following. In particular in Italy and Spain you will sometimes the motorway through the toll gates will have to leave. The price advantage of petrol stations outside of the highway is only interesting if you car about a large (empty) tank.

In Germany it is advisable to use the so-called Rastätten about to save. Are you looking for fuel, food and beverage, therefore, for a Noise. These are a lot cheaper and they are often at a very short distance from the highway. The researchers saved with just a minute of extra travel time to a total of € 17 on fuel, snacks and drinks.

Finally, the situation in the Netherlands. In the south of the country had petrol at a petrol station a 1 minute drive from the A16 motorway, but less than 17 cents per litre cheaper than pump long the A50. Also here is worth the effort to find out if it is helpful to bring a piece of the highway to deviate. Fortunately, did you know (or your boss) that already.

Photo: @rike via Autojunk