These production cars have the lowest Cw values [updated]


These production cars have the lowest Cw values [updated]

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Deze productieauto's hebben de laagste Cw-waardes
A list for the cijferfetisjisten.

For those who have no idea what Cw-values; check this article, and you are again completely. Who doesn’t want a long article with a high geekgehalte, a the following remember. Cw-values (weerstandscoëfficienten) indicate how “easy” a surface by a flowing medium (air) moves. The higher the value, the more resistance, the higher the consumption, the lower the top speed, and so on.

Manufacturers are doing so much to the Cw-value of their models as low as possible. The cars below could be the best, but keep in your mind that the Cw-value in and of itself, not much to say about the air resistance that a car experiences. To calculate you have also the frontal area is needed and that number is per car, not so easy to find.

Enough text, it giet oan!

12. Jaguar XE, Cw-value of 0,26


11. BMW i8, Cw-value of 0,26


10. Mazda3, Cw-value of 0,26


9. Mercedes B-class Electric Drive, Cw-value of 0,26


8. Nissan GT-R, Cw-value of 0,26


7. Alfa Romeo Giulia, Cw-value of 0.25


6. Opel Insignia, Cw-value of 0.25


5. Mercedes S-class (W222), Cw-value 0,24


4. Mercedes C-class (W205), Cw-value 0,24


3. Tesla Model S, Cw-value 0,24

Model S

2. Tesla Model X, Cw-value 0,24

Model X

1. Toyota Prius (2016), Cw-value 0,24

Toyota Prius


The number 1 had the Audi A4 B9. Mistake, should be able to!

1. Audi A4, Cw-value is 0,23


* Bonus * this.

Mercedes G-class, Cw-value of 0,54 (a fine kampeermobiel, such a G55 AMG.)


Formula 1-car, Cw-value of 0.7 to 1.1, depending on the vleugelafstelling

Jordan 191