Formula 1 teams have unanimously: old qualification should be back [updated]


Formula 1 teams have unanimously: old qualification should be back [updated]

Posted on 07-04-2016 at 15:24 by Dizono – 19 Comments”

All eleven teams have a scribble put in a letter to the FIA, Ecclestone and CVC.

In that letter to the autosportfederatie, grandpa Bernie and the majority shareholder CVC to emphasize the teams that they do not agree with the new way of qualifying. This eliminatiekwalificatie made the last two races for a oersaaie Saturday, and the commentary was not of the air. The teams went around the Grand Prix in Bahrain all around the table with mr Todt and Ecclestone, but once they were not. Allegedly held the two elderly their leg stiff, and they wanted instead to go in search of another compromise.

Currently there is consultation about the way in which qualified will be during the upcoming Grand Prix in China. The teams are the rare unanimously agree with each other that any kind of discussion would be redundant: there should be just again qualified are going to be like that last year also came to pass. Or the teams are willing to take action if Todt and Ecclestone still decide otherwise? We are going to make with it.

UPDATE: The bullet is through the church. Ecclestone and the FIA have reached an agreement. The old rating system will finally be introduced. As I said we are going to the old system soon see, namely in the Grand Prix in China.