Is the Porsche 996 a good purchase?


Is the Porsche 996 a good purchase?

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996 Carrera Guards Red
We look into the glass sphere to make a prediction…

The Porsche 911 is the Golf among the sports cars. He is already for years the same and you see them everywhere. However, the prices start in the pan to rise. It makes almost no matter what type, almost all classic Porsches are bizarrely expensive. Even in moderate state after a G-series does still just 25 mille. A bit of a ’72 911 E 2.2 in the beautiful state soon 80 mille asked. Also the 964 and 993 are nowadays very expensive. This was Bart. Bart is a loyal Autoblog reader (it is his favorite ontbijtlectuur!) and he has as (not too quiet) dream: a Porsche 911. It’s a classic. Preferably had Bart an ’80s 911 (G-series). However, he realizes that he is too late to get in, because a little bit of just copy approximately the same as a limb.

Porsche 996 Carrera 4 Coupe

Are all 911’s are outrageously expensive? No, one series remained brave resistance against the increase in value, the 996. Where all the 911’s to previously, a further development of the previous type, was the 996, a totally new car. For the purists, a thorn in the eye: because the car looked like a Boxster and the 3.4-litre boxer engine was water-cooled. The question of Bart to us is twofold:

  1. Does the 996 under in terms of driving pleasure compared to his older brothers?
  2. Is the 996 a good investment?

Despite the fact that the closed questions, the answer is not a simple yes or no. That is because the one 996 is not like the other. The GT2, GT3 (RS), and Turbo (S) models we keep out of consideration, this take already (greatly) increased in value, and are generally more accepted.

The drive:
This is little bit tricky. Because the 996 would be too boring, no real 911 and that is partly true. In comparison with a 993 is indeed less of a bug, but still nothing else than a 911. The seating position is a bit more pleasant in the 996. Are the pedals a lot better, then the 996 is better and is the ahead is not so scary close to your pinch ferd. The control is really a big advantage of the 996: very precise and with lots of feeling. The sound is slightly less raspend and fauchend than a 993, but the sound is still above average nice. In terms of performance is also in moustache. A standard Carrera will do 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds and reaches a top of 280 km/h. If you want the full classic experience, you will be slightly disappointed. The 993 is considerably ouderwetser, something a lot of people are also pleasant to find.

Where to buy?
It sounds logical, that is also true, so go for the youngest 996 with the least miles in the best state. The 996 was a big sales volume, so the supply of used cars is enormous. Separate the wheat from the chaff immediately to avoid disappointment. Only go for cars with documented maintenance and in original condition. Preferably one at the Porsche dealer, but a specialist may be just as good. See or discussed specialist it is.

996 Carrera Speedyellow

Go for the purest implementation. Anyway, with a manual gearbox; the Tiptronic is not very bad, but gets some thrill from it. There was four-wheel drive versions, although the 996 it is not really needed. The best choice is thus a Carrera 2 Coupe with manual gearbox. Not only for the driving pleasure, but also for the trade-in value. If salvage really is an issue, we recommend to look at ‘separate’ ones. Speedgelb and Indian Rot at that time was standard, but you won’t see much, especially not in combination with 18″ rims in the same color! Also options like sports seats and sports suspension do it’s always good. Porsche Exclusive parts are always a plus.

911 Millenium

Special Editions do it always do well in terms of depreciation. Of the 996 there were three. The first came in 2000, when it launched Porsche the 911 Millenium. All sprayed in Chromoflair Violet with forged 18″ rims, caramel trim and Amber houtinleg. This must be your taste, but that is certainly special. There are nine hundred and eleven instances of built. Technically identical to the regular 996. You could get them with manual gearbox or tiptronic and always rear wheel drive.

The facelift got the 996, the headlights that the turbo already, a year earlier. The engine was enlarged to 3.6 litres and the power increased to 320pk. Also the interior was slightly pulled taut. In terms of drive were the changes more subtle, but certainly present. The 996.2 is hanging just a little bit better on the gas. There were also the 996.2 more different versions, as was the on the cabriolet-based Targa optional.

996.2 Carrera Guards Red

A zekerheidje at Porsche are the Anniversary models. Every 10 years we are treated with something between a speciaaltje and separate model. The 996 was the 911 40th Anniversary. This was based on the 911 Carrera 2 3.6, but with X51 powerkit, ‘turbo’nose, firmer suspension, LSD, and also forged 18″ rims. Of this type there are 1.963 built. A 911 Special Edition you can always recognize the 911 badge (not Carrera) on the tailgate. All 40th Anniversary models in GT-Silver sprayed.

Porsche 911 40 Jahre 911

Almost identical but more unique is the 911 Carrera R. This was a special model of the Dutch Porsche importer Pon. The Carrera R was actually a Carrera 3.6 almost all options, so also including the X51 power package, which allows the Carrera R 345pk supplies. These were in addition to in grey also in black available. Please note: your registration number is just a 911 Carrera, so it really is the Carrera R in the Netherlands of value. Later on it was Pon this tactic walk with the Boxster Red 7 and 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Edition.

996 Carrera 4S Coupe Guards Red

Carrera 4S:
The holy grail of the 996 series of the 911 Carrera 4S. Here you can schofterig hard corners, without you directly in a hedge ended up. This car has all the hardware of the turbo, but not the engine. Not only the best riding 996 Carrera, but also the most beautiful. No spoilers but the ‘turbo’ bumpers and rims. You can recognize them by the red reflectorband between the taillights (which are also from the turbo). The Carrera 4S was the only Way in which it was possible to opt for ceramic brake discs (PCCB).

This is a thingy according to Porsche Purists, because the 996 was full of errors. Correct in part. The 993 was a lot more reliable, but hey, that should also known as you 30 years, the same car builds. The 996 was a totally new car. The most important thing which you should keep in mind three points: refrigeration, AOS and IMS.

Porsche 996

The 3.4 is known that there are huge koelingsproblemen with it had been. Especially the past tense is of interest, because if this is not dealt with, the problem was already to the top. Funnily enough, this was more common in Tiptronic. The later 3.6 versions, this would be significantly better. Another well-known 996 faulting is the oliescheider: AOS (Air Oil Seperator). The wild may still prevent this getting blocked and that there would be too much oil in the cylinder liners wanted to come. You can the problem recognize to a lot of white and blue smoke. There is a relatively simple fit for. This is highly recommended, because continue can take huge damage, to consequences. Another well-known problem with the 996 (and 997) is IMS (InterMediate Shaft bearing). This bearing can just be replaced for a stronger one. The block should just be extracted, so take the link immediately here. For a complete overview talking to Casper you’d like.

It all sounds more dramatic than it is. Most of the copies here have no problems and usually the problems are resolved. However, it is recommended that all of the points to check and, if necessary, directly to address. This reduces the chance of engine damage, and increases the resale value. But it is also for your own peace of mind. The technical malheur is also responsible for ensuring that the 996 is affordable. Factor this in and book an amount for unforeseen costs.

The moment seems now finally to have come, the prices of the 996 are starting to slowly but certainly something to rise. A few years ago you could get a nice copy for 15-20 mille, these times are over. Nowadays, you have 25-30 mille needed. A Carrera 4S is sitting for a while now around the 40 mille, but versions with low mileage to do all 50. From that point comes, moreover, the 996 Turbo is also in sight, and that do not suffer from all those motorperikelen…

The opinion of @CasperH:
Our expert Casper has many Porsches driven and has the following tips:
– “If you have a 996 buy for appreciation rate, then you would be the best for a C4S. But if you have a nice car want to score and less to give than the C2 or C4 with a manual gearbox likely to be the most affordable option.“
– “A 996 feels much more in control than a 993, and offers much more space. Is really a much better car, especially if you’re a later model year you can afford.”
– “I would be a C4, not by definition of m’n wishlist stairs, they are really super and in addition, you can still come along to the Alps or Scandinavia. Nothing wrong with that.”
– “Buy more than one at a Porsche Centre. Then you have within the approved program in any case guarantee, and that’s not a crazy idea if you have the engine problems of the 3.4’s in the back of his head,“

Porsche 987C Cayman S

More modern alternative: Cayman S (987)
In terms of performance is a Cayman S is very close to 996. This also has a 3.4 boxer, albeit this time with 295pk. The prices are pretty close to each other. The handling is even better, for pleasure rides, a fantastic device, although you him fine can daily use. The appearance you should keep the current 982 is a lot prettier. In terms of issues regarding the engine, the Cayman, identical to the 996 (and 997). So book this amount to the points to address. Nice: the Cayman is a step more modern navigation and infotainment system allows you to fine use. Remember, though, that the Cayman just will drop in price.

Porsche 928 GTS Speedgelb

Classic alternative: 928 GTS
You gave to to a 80’s Porsche look, what is the 928 a very strong offer. The interior is on a much higher plan than the old 911 messages, and they are a bit faster. Especially with dog leg manual gearbox and sports suspension not the boggy cruiser you might expect. For 25-30k you can get a nice sample find, however be quick, because the prices are already starting to rise. Unlike what is often suggested word, is the Porsche 928 is very, very reliable, as long as you maintenance able and timely perform and especially do not skimp on parts. More than a other car has a 928 in need of love.

Coming back to the main questions. Yes, you can get a good 996 pick. Going to be fun in the drive, go for the purest models, and let the tiptronics and convertibles for what they are. Whether it is a good investment, is still wait and see, but a nice 996 in good (preferably special) implementation will always be good to sell. The depreciation is what that look that bad. In fact, there is a chance that you will get a little something to deserve. However, especially enjoy the car. A thick grin on the face is worth more than a couple of euros to collect.