German Coach flips on botsabsorber A12


German Coach flips on botsabsorber A12

Posted on 02-05-2015 at 8:50 by sir_smokalot – 28 Comments”

Touringcar crasht op A12 - Foto: Weginspecteur Harold, Twitter
This morning about 05:30 am is a Coach on the A12 motorway near Arnhem, the netherlands filled in a so-called botsabsorber of the Rws driven.

The accident – reported by the VID – what happened when working around the junction Grijsoord, that the A12 and A50, it connects to. The driver noticed, for unknown reasons, not that the road was worked on, ignored a red cross, and the absorber – a truck with a kind of large pad that the security between the traffic and the roadworkers – did happy work.

Rood kruis

However, there had to be a traumaheli to come in handy, because the driver allegedly caught hit. On the picture above, of a highways inspector Harold to see why. It’s yet another incident that proves how dangerous the work and along the way.

Now we want no persecution of German touringcarchauffeurs start, but last week there was Lisse one starnakel of the way plucked, and this morning prevented a safety mechanism that an eastern neighbor about our roadworkers cold rolled. Let’s hope that it is incidental; the Germans, jokes often about the dangerous yellow plates on their roads, but they themselves are not without sin, as it turns out.