Mercedes Concept S-Class Coupé goes for sexy


Mercedes Concept S-Class Coupé goes for sexy

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Mercedes Concept S-Class Coupé
Next year he will be on the market, now shows Mercedes is already a concept. Meet the new Mercedes CL, which we now S-Class Coupé.

Compared to the regular S, the roof is four inches lower and the back is eight inches shortened. The wheelbase is 2.945 mm, and the total length comes out to 5.050 mm, while the width 1.958 measure. It rolls on 21-inch wheels (265/35 R21 front, 295/35 R21 rear). The appearance is further to see that he own headlights (full LED), and a private grille, and windows without styles, such as a stately coupé should have.

The interior mounted against the minimalist, and in the middle is the 12.3-inch screen from the regular S-Class processes. We look under the hood, which shows off a V8 with a capacity of 4663 cc, which is 455 hp supplies and up to 700 Nm). Power is no defect in this car luxepaardje.

Stay tuned for liveplaatjes.

Gallery: Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept

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