This is the Volkswagen Transporter T6


This is the Volkswagen Transporter T6

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Dit wordt de Volkswagen Transporter T6
The first sketch of the new Volkswagen bus is released.

In the year that the van of Volkswagen his 65th birthday may we have a new generation of the Transporter is welcome: the T6. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has just released the first sketch online thrown, and what we see is pretty recognizable. Clean lines, square shaped rear lights and impossibly large rims. But hey, it is a sketch, and there may this. Further, you must design features of the Tristar Concept in expect.

The unveiling is scheduled for april 15 in the Netherlands, on the eve of the AutoRai, where on april 16, the doors open. So the question is whether we the T6 as a world premiere at Holland’s autofeestje will see. Volkswagen could still inconclusive. The Transporter T6, we may in the autumn at the dealer expect.