How is this 20-year-old to his supercar collection?


How is this 20-year-old to his supercar collection?

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Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
Mahdiar Ahmadi-Niri is 20, studeeert and lives in Vancouver, Canada and has so many supercar’s that he or she no longer can fit in its garage and on street parking. But who is he and how does he get the necessary dollars?

Dreams most teenagers have an Aston Martin, Mahdiar had already -before he put on his driving licence in his pocket had a Aston Martin DB9 in the driveway. That was traded in on a white Ferrari 458 and was reportedly joined by a Lamborghini Aventador with a roof box, a Lumma CLR R Range Rover and a Brabus G Wagon, an Audi R8 GT Spyder and a Ferrari California. Regularly, you could have one or more of these cars at the 20-year-old Mahdiar for his door watching, because his garage was too small for all the cars in lost to. Reason enough to have just the neighbor’s house to buy so he put on his cars there in the garage.

You would think that the average 20-year-old snotneus thus satisfied, but that is in Mahdiars case, certainly not so. There is now also a McLaren P1 to his neighbors in the garage. He has even with so many banknotes in Woking walk-waving that they have the car ‘Mahdiar Edition ” have been baptized. And that’s not all, one of the last Bugatti Veyron’s, a fully naked carbon-executed Grand Sport Vitesse, go on the boat to Vancouver.

How mr. to his money? We are also curious to. The immediate source seems to be clear: his dad, mr. Majid Ahmadi. But what that exactly does for a living remains a mystery. You come from a less wealthy nest, and you have the urge to not hard for your money to work, then you can at Mahdiars Instagram from the comfort of home Ikea office chair to enjoy his spoiled kid-life. Incidentally, you can see there also the evidence that money is not everything (read: health) can buy. For Mahdiar and especially his little brother seems happy now is a lot better. And I am so not about money.

Photo credit: Marcel Lech Photography