Smøllen but! Red Koenigsegg’s agera R on ADV.1


Smøllen but! Red Koenigsegg’s agera R on ADV.1

Posted on 29-06-2015 to 15:02 by MauritsH – 31 Comments”

Smøllen maar! Rode Koenigsegg Agera R op ADV.1
Golly what a nice…

Rims can make a car make or break and the same is certainly true for the color. Sometimes the puzzelstukkies on their place, so ‘t end result difficult, other than supergeslaagd to call. The’s agera R is in terms of appearance may not be friends with everyone, but in this outfit we would have anything but say no.

ADV.1 resulted in a set of ADV5.2 MV1 CS-rims in monstrous sizes. The front wheels measure 19 x 9.5 inch, rear wheels do even 20 x 13 inches. The shiny and polished finish’d what concerns us is not per se necessary, but the’s agera can ‘t have.

The exterior is painted in the color Candy Apple Red, in the carbon-palooza. What do you say?

Gallery: ADV1 Koenigsegg’s agera R

image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-01.jpg
image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-02.jpg
image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-03.jpg
image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-04.jpg
image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-05.jpg
image Koenigsegg-Agera-R-rood-ADV1-06.jpg
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