Renault Espace with the Lexus chassis and V8 [gallery]


Renault Espace with the Lexus chassis and V8

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Renault Espace met Lexus V8
Sometimes you come across those projects that’s a lot of feet in the earth. This is one of them, a Renault Espace with a Lexus LS400 chassis, including V8.

It all started with a Lexus LS400 and a old Renault Espace. The English owner found out that the wheelbase and length of the cars is similar to. How cool is it to have the Espace body on the Lexus LS to go to insert (inspiration)? Easier said than done.

Before the ‘Lexspace’ creation could be, had a good think about the method of fusion. So has the Lexus rear-wheel drive and the Espace front wheel drive, and apart from that, the building process is completely different.

The owner is still not completely finished with the bizarre creation, yet it is starting already to look like. The first was stripping he the Espace and demolished the bottom underneath. He then went with the Lexus which he the body came from. After some new homes and a lot of welding he could then merge. The Lexspace is as light as possible. The interior is fully stripped and the car even more special was the Lexspace the steering wheel in the middle. It required the dashboard to be a hefty make-over undergone.

The V8 in the forepeak, NOS nitrous oxide an estimated 150 hp extra, how much power the car total is going to get is not known. Were also brakes and suspension addressed to the MPV slightly on the road. As mentioned earlier, the project is not finished yet, the car is currently on a set of large wheels in the back yard. But this is undoubtedly a unique super-MPV. What cars would be even more easy to combine? A Champions with Porsche 911 drivetrain?

Gallery: Renault Espace Lexspace V8

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