Rieger calendar 2015 is packed with bodypaint-babes


Rieger calendar 2015 is packed with bodypaint-babes

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Rieger tsjikkie met 1 Serie
Rieger – not to be confused with Reiter – is a German tuner with a preference for German cars, gull-wing doors, and tasty chicken. For 2015 they made a calendar with body-paint models, which is fine for paint. *grabs coat*

In a old warehouse were a couple of nude models collected, while a plurality of men with recording equipment around in the back. People who are too much in the dark depths of the internet house hold in such a case, their heart fixed, but fortunately it was this time comparatively civilised.

Together with a number of dolled-up Skoda’s, Audi’s and BMW’s was a calendar twisted together, and a few plates of these were together with a large number of behind-the-scenes images on Riegers Facebook account dropped. Rises above all the other calendars out, or let you lie? (via)

Gallery: Rieger-calendar 2015

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