MINI Clubman F54 is circuitvretende station wagon


MINI Clubman F54 is circuitvretende station wagon

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Mini Clubman T54
Delicious loosening at Imola, Laguna Seca or the Nürburgring, with this 395-hp-strong MINI Clubman can.

On a real Clubman-implementation of the third-generation (BMW) MINI, we need to wait a little longer, but already in march the digital racehelden all go with a trendy Ikea-racer. This is the umpteenth Vision Concept that appeared is going to make it in Gran Turismo 6. Not only could the MINI-designers had come off on the appearance, also motortuning is in the virtual world it is a lot easier. The result: 395 showpony that all four wheels pixels smoke. To 100 km/h to reach just 3.5 seconds, the blue cross press. The top speed is 290 kilometres per hour, making this undoubtedly the fastest virtual MINI ever.

Can we get some from this concept lead off about how the real MINI Clubman will look like? The rear swing doors we saw earlier on the MINI Clubman Concept last year in Geneva was, you bet that that is also the ultimate Clubman will return. Furthermore, this F54 two doors, while the Clubman Concept four and the current Clubman is sitting there with three in between. If I had to choose, I would put my money on four doors.

Gallery: MINI Clubman F54 Vision GT

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