Aston Martin Vulcan: more than 800 hp to the carbonlekkers


Aston Martin Vulcan: more than 800 hp to the carbonlekkers

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Aston Martin Vulcan
Under the hood of this British carbonbruut is a big V12, and no further baterijengedoe.

Aston Martin presents us with the first (dark) images of its track-only Vulcan. This anabolenbrede Brit is powered by a 7 litre V12, where the engineers in Gaydon, ‘more than 800 hp from have know to make.

The Vulcan – lawaaiteasert here – comes in an edition of only 24 copies, and receives all of its horsepower to the rear wheels. Here have 345/30 x19 rear wheels with Michelin slicks on the clean task of the car in the harness to keep. They were helped by a sequential Xtrac zesbak.

Both monocoque as a body of carbon fiber, and the Vulcan has an integral limited-slip differential, a magnesium cardanashuis with carbon fibre driveshaft and carbon Brembo disks all around – 380mm front and 360mm rear.

Later this year the Vulcan are cicuitdebuut, the 2 dozen happy customers will from 2016 track days. Still a downsizeblok (compared to the One-77, which has a 7.3 V12) that is still 7 litres in size. Who can today say?

Update: dark pictures replaced by better-exposed specimens.

Gallery: Aston Martin Vulcan 2015

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