Red Bull want with the RB11 F1 car back to the top


Red Bull want with the RB11 F1 car back to the top

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Red Bull RB11
Let’s start with the bad news first: these ultra-cool livery is just a wrapje and there will also not stroke.

Where new Formula 1 cars in the past were presented with the necessary (and expensive) fuss, more and more teams there in the last few years for their car simply by the wintertests to the outside to roll. Bam, this is our new car and there you should continue to do.

Red Bull takes it a step further, because the Austrians/British take not even the trouble to make the world acquainted with the real look of their new RB11. No, the team rolled the car for 2015 out with a black/white wrap, which by the way is a pity that we ‘m not going back. It would be a little different in the normally quite sterile Formula 1.

The how and why behind this camouflage is to us a mystery, because today seem to be F1 cars just as much on each other as two drops of energy drink water. Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat take place behind the wheel of this car, as Sebastian Vettel has switched to the team from Ferrari.

At the rear of the RB11 is traditionally a block of Renault and in addition to the energiedrankjesfabrikant itself is Infiniti is a major sponsor of the team. We are curious to see if the premium brand of Nissan, thanks to this exposure finally going to break into the European market, but we remain a bit skeptical.

Of course, the Formula 1 car, especially under the skin adapted and it is, like the rest of the field, with a new lower nose. Still no prachtoplossing, but it looks in each case, pieces are nicer than the cars that we have in the years prior to the start saw.

Red Bull was last year the only team that has a few victories of Mercedes could win, so let’s hope that this year’s team even better for the day and thus the voltage again. Gas on it so Ricciardo, who emptied trophy case must be replenished.

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