Lotus Exige S vs Porsche Cayman S: take your pick


Lotus Exige S vs Porsche Cayman S: take your pick

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Exige S vs Cayman S
Two fun bright European smijtijzers, but what does your heart beat faster?

If you’re looking for a light car with 300+ hp then you have very little choice (although the Peugeot RCZ R is a nice inexpensive outsider, as the 270 horses are sufficient). Among the 1,450 kg come around the 50-60 mille actually only the Audi S3 and BMW M235i to bid, and if your budget is towards the euroton reaches, then the struggle is between the following two cars: the Porsche Cayman and the Lotus Exige, both in S-form.

This lightweight, sporty two with their own character have the engine behind the driver, and they soon both with a flipperbak available. Lotus made namely yesterday the specs of his automatic Exige S is known.

The CO2-emissions drops from 236 g to 222 g/km, which is in the Netherlands, € 6.076 net to BPM is wrong. If all else was equal, then the cost of the automatic Exige S as much as his Cayman S-equivalent: thick 86 mille (the Exige S with manual gearbox for 92.711 euros in the price list). In reality there will be for the automatic transmission is still a thick, 2.000 euro be added, the same amount as the option of electric seat adjustment’ in the Cayman costs.

Exige S automaat

However, do not forget that the Lotus without BPM less than 20 mille is cheaper than the Porsche, but that aside. The main differences between both cars:

  • Supercharger usa. atmospheric

The engine capacity is almost the same, 3.436 cc for the Cayman compared to 3.456 cc for the Exige, whose V6 less bore and a longer stroke than the boxer of his competitor. On top of the Lotus-zespitter is a Harrop HTV 1320 Supercharger. This produces the Exige S 350 hp and 400 Nm, not agree a lot more than 325 hp and 370 Nm of the Porsche.

However, the acceleratiecijfers don’t lie: 3.9 seconds compared to 4.9 seconds. That makes a difference. Also on the Ring.

  • 1.205 vs 1.325 kg

Both cars are playful RWD-lightweights, but the Lotus is a lot lighter than the Porsche. This is mainly due to the smaller sizes of the Brit.

  • 4052 mm us 4380 mm

Although they are equally wide is the Exige considerably smaller than the Cayman, a full 328 mm. In the wheelbase saves the otherwise less, 105 mm. Also, the Exige with 1.153 mm was significantly lower than the 1.295 mm of the Cayman.

  • Pure and bare us several nannies

The Cayman is equipped with a brake assistant, and -force distribution, traction control, several airbags, climate control, a trip computer, electrically adjustable mirrors, etc. In addition, there are plenty of (electrical) goods in the Porsche on the list of options that Lotus can’t even get. The Lotus is really there for the drive and the short trips, ondertsreept by the ienie mini 40 litre tank, which, thanks to the thirsty V6 anyway within the 400 km to empty.

The Porsche is the safe choice: stable, conventional, docieler and milder in the daily use and also various comforts. With your mind you choose so blind for the Cayman, especially because critics agree that it is also a deliciously well-balanced sharp car. But you choose in this segment with your mind or your heart?

Lotus gives you a more lighter, smaller and lower sports car, which is pure, sharp lines, and in addition almost nobody has. In addition: with your divine, athletic young body is the hard character of such an Exige no problem of course.

All in all it is still a pretty tough choice on which dealer you your suitcase with purple notes eventually. Or isn’t it? Choose but!

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