For sale: unique Volvo S60 Ute on Dutch registration


For sale: unique Volvo S60 Ute on Dutch registration

Posted on 01-02-2015 at 10:54 by MauritsH – 29 Comments”

Volvo S60 Ute
You want to have a good solid Volvo, but that Rambogevoel? Look no further, buy this unique S60 Ute.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the ordinary Volvo S60, but maybe that’s a bit the problem of the business Swede. On the accompanying somewhat brave image is, after all, not everyone waiting and in that case, then this Ute is a welcome change.

Under the hood of this two-seater with carrying capacity is the well-known 2.4-litre petrol engine à 140 bhp which there 233.000 miles on it. Sounds like a solid mileage, but Volvo knew of this, keeps this Swede still for a while.

Volvo S60 Ute achterzijde

A sheep transport with this S60 no problem, although we wonder whether she’ll reach the church with open arms (red go-faster stripes). Also, it appears that the rear glass panes, not very neatly placed, but that’s immediately a nice knutselproject for the future buyer.

Offer on this Scandinavian interpretation of El Camino-like you do here.

Thanks to Richard300D for the tip!

Gallery: Volvo S60 Ute used car

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