For $ 20k paint Mercedes your G63/G65 in a mold tan


For $ 20k paint Mercedes your G63/G65 in a mold tan

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Mercedes G-KLasse Galactic Beam
It’s called “Crazy Color”, and it seems to us an experiment conducted by Mercedes-AMG to see how far the rich clients to push.

The ruble may accelerate, down are gone then a golddigger for a Pagani-owner, the rich Russian will still be a supply of foreign currency for the month to sing, and then some. That’s why we offer luxefabrikanten still just their were in Russia, and hit them they also lose.

From 2 February it is in Russia exclusively for the G63 and G65 AMG the option is checked. To do this, you have the choice of:

AMG Solar beam – yellow
AMG Alien green – green
AMG Sunset beam – orange
AMG Tomato red – red
AMG is Galactic beam – purple

De CC-familie

The cheapest option is with 15.348,62 euro Solar beam, and of course for some of the hottest color – Galactic beam (here on the editorial purple swag baptized) – the most consideration are: 19.962,25 euro.

For your money you also get contraststiksel in the same color, according to Russian Mercedes site, as well as red or gray calipers.

According to MB Passion, the bringer of the news, customers in addition to their CC options, ” Harman Kardon surround sound system’ (898 euros), the zitcomfortpakket (1.600 euro) and carbon ornamental elements (4.165 euro) tick the box.

Gallery: Mercedes-G-Class Crazy Color

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image Mercedes-G-Klasse-CC-002.jpg
image Mercedes-G-Klasse-CC-003.jpg
image Mercedes-G-Klasse-CC-004.jpg
image Mercedes-G-Klasse-CC-005.jpg
image Mercedes-G-Klasse-CC-006.jpg