Autoblog-Opinion: homeless classic for it and for rental


Autoblog-Opinion: homeless classic for it and for rental

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Renault Floride
Yes, because we keep Dutch, of course, it should also bring in money.

Currently driving our Jente to full satisfaction in a BMW 318D leasert, but in the weekends like he and his friend have some fun with. And not only that the car must also let go. Besides the now well-known table is Jente, therefore, with four additional requirements.

Current /previous cars:BMW 318D F31 Touring

Sale / lease:Sale

Business / private:Private

Budget:10.000-18.000 euro

Annual mileage:approx. 30,000 km (personal and rental)


Reason to purchase another car:classic Car for the weekend, to earn some extra money by renting and value increase

Family composition:Two adults

Preferred brands /models:BMW,Jaguar, British brands, Preferably rear wheel drive

No-go models / brands:Models that guarantee high costs or no character.

1. Inflation-proof. Preferably a car that I in the long term without too much loss can resell. I am planning a lot of km to do with the trolley.
2. A sought after car for rental. In addition to personal use, consider me also for the car to rent and as other people to be able to enjoy them.
3. If possible, a convertible
4. Easy to maintain – as indicated, I would also like to rent, it is now once pleasant that the tenant in one piece at the destination can arrive without the hood should openleggen or a bucket of water in his neck by the leaking roof.

Point 1 to 3, we get from (though it is a classic to buy as an investment is not immediately advisable, the remains in the first place, a car), point 4 is a problem. Easy-care classics are, in fact, not. Of course, it is the one classic a bit more reliable than the others, but they all have above-average amount of love and attention. Every 5000 km oil change, regular valves set, carbs adjusted, rust update, these are all things that you in a classic with any regularity will need to do.

Yes, of course, there are classics that are a bit more forgiving than others, but if you think that classics are made with the same attention toekunnen as a new car, then you better not set out on this adventure to begin. Certainly not if you plan on doing 30,000 miles per year to ride, even if I suspect that, in practice, never going to catch up. That said, those who are classic, a little neat maintenance and always calm warm ride (I see a possible problem with the rent), have a long time of enjoy.

Porsche 914

Cocky: Porsche 914
Simple Volkswagen-technique in a special packaging. Not everyone is the way of the 914, but it is a unique thing. Driving is also fun, despite the somewhat meager ability. Good 914’s are becoming more popular (and thus more expensive), but also seem to be a reasonably safe investment.

Triumph TR6

The gentleman: Triumph TR6
Affordable drive open, then it may be a British classic not to be missed. The calibrated MGB is obvious and Jente called itself as the Triumph Spitfire. Nice cars, but a Triumph TR6 is much more enjoyable. Fine six-cylinder engine with a fantastic sound, beautiful by Michelotti-drawn carriage.

Mercedes 380SL

Delicious decadent: Mercedes SL (R107)
The real R107 gems, you’re not going to find for less than 18 mille, but a pretty neat 280/380SL should be able to make it. The vast majority of the offer relates to US-spec SL’s, so with round sealed beam headlights and not so subtle bumpers. Conversion to EU spec is possible and might be interesting with a view on the residual value. Of all the classics, one of the most robust that you can purchase, from a time that the accountants at Mercedes only after the development were to calculate what the selling price should be. Das best oder nichts.

Corvette C3

Plastic Fantastic: Chevrolet Corvette C3
About US-spec spoken, there are few cars that are as American as a C3 Corvette. The model comes originally from the late ’60s, but is up to in the years ’80 was built, the chrome had already taken place for a lot of plastic. Within the budget, we find one real convertible, a real Stingray and a number of targa’s (T-Tops) of later years. A bit of a misfit in this list, but one that many people like and potentially interesting is as a rental car.

Alfa Romeo Spider

The seducer: Alfa Spider
The classic that I, the undersigned, also once hired and that was not autominnende significant other. The most beautiful are the Spiders of the second series, the so-called Coda Tronca’s. Spiders from the third series (Aerodynamics) are less popular, but also a lot more affordable. Note also that cars from the USA, these are often fitted with Spica mechanical fuel injection. A great system when it works, but a disaster to properly.

Renault Floride

The outsider: Renault Caravelle/Floride
France did in the 60s, not very big, if small roadsters went, Italy and the uk took the largest share of the market. The exception was the Renault Floride in 1958 and from 1962 to 1968 as the Caravelle, the man was brought. Technically the car is largely similar to the Dauphine, so with 845cc viercilindertje behind the rear axle. Later copies have a more powerful 1108cc engine from the Renaut 8. No snelwegridder so, this Caravelle, a delicious and relatively unknown car to enjoy touring.

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