Ferrari has a 2015 F1 car given away for free


Ferrari has a 2015 F1 car given away for free

Posted on 20-12-2015 at 10:47 by dizono – 12 Comments”

And the lucky new owner is H. R. Owen.

Ferrari and giving it away for free? The brand where you have 5000 euro to pay for a mattensetje and 25 euros for a simple ballpoint pen? Yes, but they do so not without reason. The beneficiary, H. R. Owen, is Ferrari’s best-selling dealer. The best seller -a German lady last year – afgescheept with a set of sweat stinking gloves, the selling dealer may until the end of time a real F1 car in his showroom parking.

And that is exactly what they are in the British capital did, what are some fun pictures of a Ferrari SF15-T on the London streets results. There had to be manual, because the auto start is not there: there is no engine in the chassis. Oh, you have a gift horse (pun intended) not in the mouth look natural. Incidentally, you want the car in the showroom, not where he is fraternally side by side with a 288 GTO.

Gallery: Ferrari dealer-gets-F1-car

image ferrari-sf15-t-londen-01.jpg
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