This Is the only BMW 1M hatchback in the world?


This Is the only BMW 1M hatchback in the world?

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BMW 1M Hatchback
If BMW no M-performance hatchback is going to build, then I’ll do it, however, the owner of this project have thought of.

BMW gave the 1M only as a coupe. Later, in 2012, the facelifted 1-series with a 320 hp M135i. A hatchback. But no worthy alternative to the real M, found Posma Panggabean, owner of a tuningshop from Jakarta.

He bought a 120i and replaced the block for a twinturbo N54 engine, which among other things delivered in the 1M. The original plan was to get the car to turn it into a circuitbeest, but the six-in-line did not meet the local racereglement. Panggabean decided the car but as a daily driver.

The yellow hatchback looks at least tasteful. Rolling on 19-inch Advan Racings has the standard 120i a nice makeover. The motor is the block to be tuned and the turbo a RB upgrade. Also, the intercooler has been replaced for a stronger one. The suspension is from KW, and the sound comes from an Eisenmann Race exhaust.

The front bumper is taken from the a 1M, and in the interior you will find especially a lot of M Performance finery, in combination with what’s 1M-details, such as the analog clocks. Unfortunately, the specifications of the project are unknown. Looking at the mods of the car, I estimate it at a power between 350 and 450 hp. But this number can also be much higher. A N54 is fairly easy to squeeze thanks to the turbo’s, but I do you of course not to explain.

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