Porsche C88: forgotten concept (1994)


Porsche C88: forgotten concept (1994)

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Porsche C88
No, there is no Porsche logo on it. But this is really a Porsche prototype. Da’s scare, eh?

In 1994 built by Porsche, this concept in order to meet a request of the Chinese government. This had a number of big car manufacturers asked for a new range of compact cars to design under the name “China Family Car Project”. The design of the C88 China Car by Porsche in four months and realized, critics would be this, “and that is to see” can say. The car was 4,05 meters long and weighed 980 pounds. The C in the name stood for “Cheap”, “Chinese characteristics (China)”, “Comfort” and “Clean”. The 8 is a lucky number in China and the number 88 was referring also to the targeted price: 88.000 Yuan. The idea was that the Chinese factory of FAW (First Auto Works) the car would start to build.

There were three variants, but only the compact four-door sedan was ever given to the world shown. The C88, which was designed with the thought of high standards of quality and safety, but simple production techniques. There was a place for five people but there was only one high chair in, with the eye on the geboortebeperkende laws in the country were in force.

The drive was provided by a 1.1 liter four-cylinder that across the front of the vehicle placed in the lag. The ended was good for 67 bhp and a torque of 105 Nm. These forces were transmitted to the front wheels lead through a manual vijfbak. Zero to hundred took at least 16 seconds and the top speed was 165 miles per hour. That all seems silly, but converted had the car for around €4000 euro is going to cost you so you should also not a whole lot of expect.

The car was presented by CEO Wendelin Wiedeking presented to the Chinese government, for which he even his speech in Mandarin, managed to keep. That indicates that Porsche is the project important seems to have found. The command was not, however, to the Porsche awarded, in fact: it seems that the Chinese government mainly took a look in the Western autokeuken wanted to because the whole project was eventually repealed in 1995. This was in addition to Porsche brands like Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes and Opel duped. Was the party, however, continued for Porsche, then they had probably 300,000 to 500,000 cars per year are required to provide.

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