Dutch Ferrari FF crash: two dead


Dutch Ferrari FF crash: two dead

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Ferrari California-T crash
On the Autobahn A3 towards Arnhem last night a Dutch Ferrari California T FF hard crashed. The occupants came to life.

We at Autoblog are always cautious about writing about fatal accidents. At the same time, we find it necessary at times to emphasize that hard drive is not without danger, and that always must be taken into account with the circumstances. The Autobahn A3 at Hamminkeln is a piece of highway where no speed limit applies. We know that all too well and drive like. That is not to say that it is without risk, certainly not if the conditions herfstig.

It was at the time of the crash was rainy and an eyewitness reported that he just before the accident, the Ferrari was overtaken, with the California T FF (which seems in this instance on Autojunk) according to the eyewitness is well above 200 kilometers per hour reed. In a bend to the right, hit the car into a skid, crashed into the guardrail on the right side and ended up then sideways against a tree. The car flew directly into the fire, both occupants were on the spot to life. Identification had to show who is there in the car sat, but that will now be known.

Or the autumnal conditions have contributed to the accident, or that there are other reasons will have to be clear. But let this crash will be a reminder that speed is never without risk. We wish the relatives lots of strength.

UPDATE 1: it is a Ferrari FF, noticed attentive readers. Text corrected.

UPDATE 2: the driver of the car was the 44-year-old Ronald Moerings, owner of Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings of Roosendaal. Next to him was also a 52-year-old passenger to the life, that is Johan Baarse (owner of dealership Baarse).

Gallery: Ferrari FF Crash

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