AB-videocrew spot testprototype, but what is it? [video]


AB-videocrew spot testprototype, but what is it?

Posted on 16-11-2015 at 9:24 by sir_smokalot – 41 Comments”

Hevig ingepakt prototype
The onstopbare AB-videoteam was recently in Tenerife, where a heavily camouflaged diksedan along their lens was rolling. To the form to see it appears as if Citroën’s new C6 Cactus (with Prius-nose) has sent.

Appearances can be deceiving, and certainly in testprotoypes, who you with, inserting a sheet metal so can show if you want. In reality, we can look to the successor of the Opel Insignia, which, as now on a renewal.

Opel’s grootstse sedan is next year expected to hit the market, for which we use the same approach expected in the new Astra: a focus on weight reduction, probably only viercilinders and if Opel crazy also does a 1.0 Ecotec three-cylinder under the hood, and a tight interior that the Insgnia this decade can uitzingen.

A video where the 3 litre turbogeblazen zespitter of our koene videoridders OUTRAGEOUS is blocky, you can find on autojunk. Apparently, had the test drivers from Rüsselsheim no pull in all the attention. Fair enough.

Gallery: Opel Insignia Tenerife 2015

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