Evil ex sells Porsche of adulterous man for next to nothing?


Evil ex sells Porsche of adulterous man for next to nothing?

Posted on 12-01-2015 at 12:35 by sir_smokalot – 12 Comments”

Oh, she mad
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That gold in the 17th century in England, but is at present not otherwise.

When an Australian woman discovered that her husband outside the door wiepte she was obviously a bit of work. In contrast to many other lady took them, however, not a frying pan or a golf club in hand, in a power slooptocht, but she sold his Porsche – a 997 Carrera S – for 20,000 AUD (approximately 13,000 euro). This she could do because the car in her name was.

Why exactly 20 mille in Australian dollars? “I figured $20,000 is just enough for a return flight/accommodation to Europe so I can fondle with all the wealthy European men!” Ouch…

View the full ad here (mirror). A beautiful story, picked up by the Herald Sun, but unfortunately nepper than the tits of Victoria Beckham. The car is actually for sale in this ad from England. Nevertheless, it is a cool story, bro.

By the way: lol @ some reaguursels: Hi, sorry to hear about your unfortunate outcome. I will give you $19,500 and a piece of my German sausage. I’ve been divorced after a similar thing happened to me. Happy to do it on the Porsche if you like.