Volvo V40 D2 – 14% additional tax liability


Volvo V40 D2 – 14% additional tax liability

Volvo V40 D4 2014
The V40 is one of the best-selling Volvo in the Netherlands. After the great success of the V40 in 2013 and 2014 is the Volvo also managed to keep the V40 in 2015 in dde 14% bijtellingscategorie to get.

Not all specifications are known, but Where the previous D2 with a 1.6 had to do the D2 in 2015 a new 2.0 engine and this is due to emissions of 82 grams per km in the 14% bijtellingscategorie.

The V40 D2 is already on order at the dealer and as soon as more information is known it will be added.

– first five-door hatchback of Volvo
engine and other noises are well filtered out
– good handling characteristics
– adjustable power steering

– 82 g/km version only with manual gearbox
– tilt backrest, rear seat, limited luggage space
– Collision Warning see along the road parked cars, sometimes as a danger
– view to the rear is a bit limited

Specifications MerkVolvoModelV40 – 2.0d4CarrosseriestationwagenBrandstofdieselco2-uitstoot82 grams/kmVermogen120 pkKoppelonbekendAcceleratie 0-100onbekendTopsnelheidonbekendPrijs25.995 euroLeaseprijs pmonbekendBijtellingspercentage14% tax liability
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