Ultra-quiet asphalt is being tested on A28?


Ultra-quiet asphalt is being tested on A28?

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Ultra-stil asfalt getest op A28?
Does that also mean that in the future we of Utrecht to Groningen 130 may pop?

The gloedjenieuwe, hardly developed low-noise asphalt should traffic noise by 10 decibel decrease. The name of this hi-tech masterpiece: a poro-elastic road surface. What is a porous mixture of elastic rubbery material, small stones and adhesives, means.

If the Rijkswaterstaat, is this supersonic asphalt the sound barrier-, tunnelbak and snelwegoverkappingkiller. In 2016 is familiar with any kind of asphalt tested is going to be. According to the municipality of Harderwijk would Harderwijk is an ideal testing ground because the 2018 major maintenance on the A28 motorway is planned.

The five-mile stretch of highway that from the N302 across the city to the Beach Horst runs allowed, if the to the college of B&W is totally covered with silent asphalt. And the residents benefit merrily along. Under loud cheers of residents association Noise A28, of course.

Set the work, we will then in each case, between Utrecht and Amsterdam neerplempen on the A2? Can we finally stop with kilometre-long slaaprijden and in the trajectcontrolefuik walk. If that is turned on of course.

Fotocredit: Autojunk.nl.