Toyota gets broom by rijscholenbestand, 150 drop outs


Toyota gets broom by rijscholenbestand, 150 drop outs

Posted on 16-01-2015 at 10:38 by sir_smokalot – 41 Comments”

Rijschool Gatar moet het zonder Bovag-logo doen
“Even the wheat from the chaff to separate,” according to the Bovag. It resulted in the thinning of the rijscholenbestand with almost 150 members.

“There are too many cowboys and adventurers in the rijscholenbranche’. This ruling did the Labour party many years ago, and Toyota subscribes to this. Add to this, that at the end of last year rijschoolhouders and examiners were arrested for fraud and you can be cert that the organisation – for his own image and credibility – to his doorstep like clean sweeps/keeps.

It sharpened his lidmaatschapseisen, which led since January 1, not 943, but 798 driving schools Bovag logo will be allowed to carry, so figured from. A decrease of 145 pieces.

Also on the financial level, the Securities benefit from a well-vetted members, for affiliated driving schools that are on the bottle can support a guarantee fund to count on. This tightening is a 100% guarantee that there are no rotten apples in between? No, not at all. But it is a signal.