This armored Maybach S600 will cost half a million


This armored Maybach S600 will cost half a million

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Deze gepantserde Mercedes-Maybach S600 kost een half miljoen
Inkas ensures again that the bullets outside the door.

The Canadian pantserleverancier Incas comes with the solution for every paranoid head of state, millionaire and Ricky Rozay. They have a Mercedes-Maybach with topmotorisering (S600, 530 hp, 830 Nm) with additional steel and other bullet-resistant material, which the limo file has become against patterns which size up to 7.62×51 mm (NATO). Or, is this safe to do your groceries in areas of deprivation, war zones or the Amsterdam-West would without problems need to be expired. Not in the last place because there is also bullet-proof tires sit.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 – which, unfortunately, we the massive weight not know, but we guess that a house – by Inkas feature a rookscherm function, a hydrant system and independent air-conditioning system’. As if Mercedes-Maybach that not all standard supplies. The pistol from the Inkas G63 AMG is missing unfortunately.

Anyway, this for the day, you put a nice bag of black money back. Inkas asks, namely, $ 500,000. Converted 470.000 euros. Or 15 kilos of coke.

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