The story behind this bizarre Ferrari with a nose job


The story behind this bizarre Ferrari with a nose job

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Ferrari met Nosejob
Beautiful? Mwoah. Special? Absolutely. Get acquainted with a Ferrari that you probably have never seen before.

Once adorned more than 150 Ferrari miniatures in the bedroom of small Dizono. I also had the idea most of the models that the factory gates in Maranello, however, to know. A man may be deceived, because this creation had my path never crossed. Until now. It’s going to be a one-off on the basis of the 330 GT 2+2, say, but the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti or FF of his time.

The first owner was oliemagnaat John W. Mecom, the car in 1965 received at Luigi Chinetti Motors, the American Ferrari importer. The same year, he was the snout of the Ferrari was -he had the variant with the somewhat questionable double headlights – and he sent the car back to Italy to get a different faceplate on to crafting.

It is striking that it is not known where he has to do. Maybe that no bodybuilders here, like his signature on wild places? I can just imagine. Though I must say that the car with the bumper a lot better smoelt than without. Again, it is not clear whether this bumper also original, but the earliest known photograph from 1974 shows the car with. Am I actually the only one who is a visual link with the Spyker Venator explains?

Ferrari Sharknose

The car changed owners in 1969, for the first time owner and this man left the car first refinishing in red, and then a long time in his barn verpieteren. There he was in 2007 taken out to be afgehamerd on 69.500 dollar. Please note, we are talking about an unrestored, ‘botched’, but unique Ferrari in a period for the ‘bubble‘. The car was restored to its original blue color.

In 2014 it was the car for 141.411 dollar sold on eBay in August on an auction to appear. There was the limit of us $ 200,000 to be met and so try to the auction house on 27 January. Interested ‘reacreeps’ so have plenty of time to get even for that time, a flight to Scottsdale, Arizona to books.

Gallery: Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Sharknose

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