Tanker with hydrochloric acid leaking cargo on A73


Tanker with hydrochloric acid leaking cargo on A73

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Truck met zoutzuur lekt
Because of the highly corrosive substance after a crack is released, threaten a substantial nature and health risks at the height of Roermond.

Earlier this afternoon it went wrong with a truck that a load of hydrochloric acid transported. At the height of the exit Linne (exit 21, Street View) began its cargo to leak. It was a puff of smoke is released that is currently around the place of the disaster lingers, and where neighbours matter what the costs are to be kept, as their lungs they love.

Residents are advised the twitter account of the safety region Noord-Limburg in the holes to keep. This photo shows how a lorry behind the hydrochloric acid-truck is already half melted.

It is still unclear whether there were casualties, but the police have the highway shut down. Since the A73, just a short away with the A2, together, it is possible that this highway here interfere. Further south, it was already completely closed and, after another large truck crash.

Also the traffic in the region (on the line Roermond – Sittard) are completely shut down, given the enormous health risks (burns, damaged organs). Can effectively anyone from Redmond or higher to the south (and vice versa) are not currently side.

This unsuspecting twitterer was one of the first that the gifwolk from a distance and photographed:


Update: 35 geevacueerde people to be studied, 2 have breathing problems.

Photo credit (headshots): Peter Verweij, Twitter.