Someone put big money down for this rusty Porsche


Someone put big money down for this rusty Porsche

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Iemand legde grof geld neer voor deze roestige Porsche
Some people see a hunk of rust. Others see a real gold mine.

This 356 A Speedster is part of a barnfind and purchased by an investor. Even though the classic in far state of decomposition, the new owner gave still 152.700 dollar for. After an English tv channel and a probable sales will prove whether it is a good investment, or not.

The expectation is that some tienduizendjes deserves to be on the Porsche. The 356a Speedster is built in a limited edition of 1850 pieces and on average, the cabrio away for an amount between 250,000 and 500,000 dollars. As the new owner of the car, a smart way to refurbish, there’s a decent salad to save.

According to the original story was the Porsche since 1974 no longer in use after engine problems. The car disappeared into a shed and after the death of the owner/owners got the German for over 40 years forgotten.

Gallery: Porsche 356 Speedster

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