Purchase the house where Jeremy Clarkson grew up


Purchase the house where Jeremy Clarkson grew up

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Koop het huis waar Clarkson opgroeide
In this house perfected his jokes, funny faces and he stopped, perhaps also his own toe in his mouth. Bonus: not only Jezza was here grown.

The house of the great Top Gear star is on sale for 595.000 sterling, converted as’n 710.995 sounding euro’s. But then you have something. Clarksons home and hearth was built in the sixteenth century and has two sitting rooms and two bathrooms and is in the village of Burghwallis in South Yorkshire.

The likely reason why Clarkson is the house itself does not want to have? His bank account will not lie, but the garage is so’n 6 at 3,7 meters. Much too small of course for his excellent autoverzameling.

Then for the bonus: not only grew here, our favorite automaniak on, there was still a greatness born: the teddy bear Paddington Bear. But really. Clarksons mother was here in the seventies the very first Paddington Bear as a xmas present for the little Jeremy. The thing was a hit. Success lies in the family, apparently. (via)

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