Official: Ford C-Max Plug-In Hybrid with 7% tax


Official: Ford C-Max Plug-In Hybrid with 7% tax

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Ford C-Max Plug in hybride
We knew for a long time that he would come, you could even order it at Ford Netherlands, but now the C-Max Plug-In Hybrid, completely official.

According to Ford, the new C-Max Plug-In Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient Ford with petrol engine of which the brand in Europe, delivers, thanks to CO2 emissions of 46g/km, the C-Max with the plug in any case be eligible for a 7%-plus. It is the only MPV in the Netherlands are eligible for this favorable bijtellingscategorie. Since sales depend heavily on the tax has Ford the Netherlands ensured that we have the C-Max Plug-In Hybrid as the first.

Under the hood lies a 2-litre Atkinson-cyclusmotor, together with the electric motor provides the drive train with a combined capacity of 185 hp. Fully electric, you come 44 km far, the top speed on current is 137 km/h. You can switch the help of the fuel engine in, get the C-Max up to 167 km per hour. More important is the combined consumption amounts to only 2 l/100 km. With the right charging station to charge the batteries of your C-Max in two hours.

Prices start at 34.995 euros, leasing can for 539 euro per month at a mileage of 20,000 km/year and a term of 60 months.