Number of flitsfiles doubles, police gives you the blame


Number of flitsfiles doubles, police gives you the blame

Posted on 11-12-2015 at 10:12 by mauritsh – 48 Comments”

Aantal flitsfiles verdubbelt, politie geeft jou de schuld
Yes you yes. Do once normal, man. With your car.

For those who are still nasty headache get from this discussion, we have a new load of oil on the fire to sprinkle. The police, in fact, remains doggedly continue with the creation of so-called flitsfiles, congestion caused by road users mobile speed cameras, spotting and therefore a dominant feature on the brake and mashed potatoes.

In the past five months led to a total of 24 times to a file, which is a doubling of the number of flitsfiles compared to H1 2015. And while the popo so solemnly to the traffic information service, had promised to congestion will occur.

The same VID is not in his sas with the developments, especially as there are this year already 300 km traffic jam was caused by agents who slumped with a thermoskannetje and a remarkably good positioned in the grass verge on the tills were ringing. Please note: there are the files shorter than 2 km, not even added.

In turn gives the National Police that speed cameras are actually very unobtrusive their work trying to do-and that the ‘policy’ nothing has changed. Would the police officer immediately z’n things address, as soon as notifications about traffic jams crop up. That is the VID (and by anyone else with common sense) otherwise seriously questioned. We conclude with the following compelling quote from the police, that your blood pressure is undoubtedly a little to help:

“We maintain the (political) appointments that have been made regarding the maximum speed. If road users to hard drive and to a flash control of a fine to avoid by pressing the brake pedal, is that the behaviour of the motorist responsible for the existence of the file and potentially dangerous traffic situations.”

Responsibilities across the fence push has just released a whole new load. No thanks.