No, Volkswagen, Bentley and Lamborghini does not sell


No, Volkswagen, Bentley and Lamborghini does not sell

Posted on 08-12-2015 at 18:44 by Ricardo – 65 Comments”

Nee, Volkswagen gaat Bentley en Lamborghini niet verkopen
Commotion in the mediaas! The Volkswagen Group could, in fact, a number of paradepaarden in sales do to the aftermath of dieselgate to pay.

Of course, by software tampering in the boemel has VW the next time serious cost accounts: fines, lawsuits and recalls. And the drop in sales also helps not to get the treasure chest in the middle of the biggest crisis in the 78-year-old existence of the company filled.

To cover, Volkswagen 20 billion bridge loan to 13 banks losgepeuterd, as was last week known. According to Reuters, there are strict conditions to them, but to be there, to meet all the Volkswagen willing to businesses to sell.

An anonymous source has told Reuters said that Volkswagen may also consider divesting luxury car brands Bentley and Lamborghini or motor bike brand Ducati”. Or, somewhere someone shouts that VW might be considering a few brands to divest, and a few hours later the sale according to some media, almost all completed.

So quickly will not go. Not only because of the condiments such as Lamborghini and Bentley not the principal cause, especially because Volkswagen previously parts as the non-truck division of MAN will repel, that is valued at about 4 to 5 billion euros.

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