No new ‘Beast’limousine for Obama


No new ‘Beast’limousine for Obama

Posted on 12-03-2014 at 16:14 by sir_smokalot – 8 Comments”

The Beast
Rumors about a new Beast, as a substitute of Barack Obama’s current supergepantserde dienstlimousine do all the round. Of course this also, but Obama will not get to experience as president.

The term of the current POTUS, who in addition to the tolontduiken and running a country will also have time to find to simply sit with Zach Galifianananannakis and are wonderfully uncomfortable show Between 2 ferns for his health care program to spamming, runs in 2016. The new staatslimo will only be in 2017 put into use, so that will mean that his successor his or her bum as the first in the new limo may plants.

On a specially designated website (thanks for the tip, Joost!) published the terms and conditions that tenderers must satisfy. On August 29, is awarded the contract, then the provider therefore has a large 2 year has to be the final product to come. In total, the current car is 8 years sustained. We are very curious what gadgets and gizmo’s here all stopped going to be!

If you are The Beast, a small truck with a Cadillac body, want to mock: he is 24 and 25 march in the Netherlands, during the nuclear NSS-top, just as the half-randstad lock is thrown. Hopefully refuel them here the right fuel…

Gallery: Cadillac Presidential limo

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