Mercedes Vision SLA: forgotten concept (2000)


Mercedes Vision SLA: forgotten concept (2000)

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Mercedes-Benz Vision SLA
A ‘purist roadster’, so called Mercedes Vision SLA, the small cabriootje on the basis of the A-Class that just after the turn of the century at the Detroit Motor Show. 14 years later, he may again be relevant.

The Vision SLA was a small, playful little carriage, with a length of only 3,77 m a suit was smaller than the smallest production roadster, the SLK. Under the hood was a 125 hp / 180 Nm strong atmospheric 1.9 four cylinder engine which, via a manual vijfbak the front wheels axle.

This was not a lot of power, but the car weighed only 950 kilograms (DIN, including any liquids). Because of this, he was within 8 seconds in the 100, and had a top speed of 209 km/h possible.

The LED achterlichtclusters, turn indicators and carbon fiber kuipstoeltjes from the SLA was in 2003 all the way to the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR (C 199), but to a further elaboration it never came.

Mercedes Vision SLA

Currently, Mercedes however, a lot of the way to the carpentry with the new A-Class and the afgeleides, the CLA and the GLA. For years, the brand is the eternal third in the driestrijd with BMW and Audi, and so there must be more to be sold. Above-mentioned A-Class variants helped the company in 2013 already to double growth rates. Combine this with an increasingly stringent CO2 regulations, and an expansion of ‘down’ seems more and more obvious.

So: is the SLA, a decade and a half after the first push, and breathed new life into it? You would say that it is only a matter of time. And should a Mercedes than a full tray Alfa 4C to go in terms of weight and sportsmanship, or is a more friendly mainstream product desired? A achterwielaandrijver will don’t have to be if he is on the A-Class platform is….

Gallery: Mercedes Vision SLA Concept 2000

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