Inferno Exotic Car: car metaalschuim delivers to 1,400 hp


Inferno Exotic Car: car metaalschuim delivers to 1,400 hp

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Inferno Exotic Car: auto van metaalschuim levert 1.400 pk
Forget everything Pagani has ever made. Here is the new supercarkoning. Sort of.

This beast of a stylized supercar comes on paper just chopped the LaMcSpyder, with an unspecified biturbo V8 that a 1400 hp supplies. The top is 395 km/h and the 0-100 sprint is covered in less than 3.0 seconds. Indeed, this seems to be the umpteenth car from a set borstkloppende entrepreneurs who have the next Ferrari to go up. But there it is the men behind the Inferno Exotic Car, not at all to do.

The usp of this car is the material used for the bodywork: metal foam. A patented substance that, according to the creators of the Inferno is constructed from zinc, aluminium and silver. The special feature of this metal seems to be the absorption ability to be, complemented with a high extent of ‘my pride’. A panel of metal foam can be up to 100 times its original size to be stretched without its properties to lose. For comparison: the density of steel is 7.600 kg/m3, with metal foam, this is 4.300 kg/m3.

Inferno Exotic Car: auto van metaalschuim levert 1.400 pk

When we first read in september, we have dismissed it as vaporware, because every jandoedel with a website or a supercar can ‘create’ and bizarre claims down. But in the meantime, the Mexican authors of the Inferno Exotic Car (inspiring naampje for that matter) to actually have a tangible prototype is created, and this at a local car show in the country revealed. A proto with remarkably little brakes, a little bit of a standard windshield wiper and a styling where Mitsuoka’s finest still can’t touch. But that doesn’t matter, because this car is mainly aimed at companies interested to get into metal foam. Or the Exotic Car ever in Italy goes into production, as the creators do believe, still, is to wait and see.

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