How this intelligent car windows consumption save


How this intelligent car windows consumption save

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Hoe deze intelligente autoruiten verbruik besparen
Continental explains it to us.

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (6 t/m 9 January) presents bandenboer Continental system with the resounding name of ‘Intelligent Glass Control. This enables all the windows of the car with a simple press of the button to be obscured, thanks to a special foil.

According to the author, are comfort and safety will benefit from this, particularly in the setting sun and other natural phenomena that can be disturbing while driving. In addition, the driver no longer has the sun visor for his nose, down pull, which means that both hands can be used to on your phone to glands. Pretty far-fetched, but forward.

What is actually a nice side effect is that sunlight is in this way less chance for the car to warm up. Da’s beneficial for the climate control and also for consumption. EV’s would be with the use of this technique, according to Continental, even a 5.5% further on a full battery charge. Moreover, is privacy to a higher level. Geboefte will be less easy in your parked car can look, so let that golden AK is especially on the back swing.

The technique works by using particles with a stroomstootje to your liking can be arranged. The stuff is still quite expensive (and long, and broad, applied to the more exclusive automobile), but Continental believes that the developments to make sure that the system within a short time, also for Jan with the Gulf reachable.