Ford GT: everything you need to know, including sound!


Ford GT: everything you need to know, including sound!

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Ford GT
Without a doubt the big surprise of the NAIAS in Detroit, this dope Ford GT. Yesterday you’ve extended admired, now is the time for details and sound!

It is remarkable that Ford is the appearance of the new GT to the very last moment hidden has managed to keep. Not many years teasercampagne, no leaked toy cars and, above all, also not predictable retro design! Was the previous Ford GT does not look much more than a gladgetrokken version of the original GT40, the new GT is especially a supercar of the 21st century. Of course, there are still hints of the legendary sports car from the sixties, such as the air vents at the front, the air tubes on the side and the round achterlichtjes, but the design of the GT is really on themselves and how!

Le Mans
Now that we’re on the original GT40, next year is an important anniversary. In 1966, exactly 50 years ago, four Ford GT40’s in Le Mans as first over the finish line and also the three years that follow wins a GT40. It was Ford’s way to take revenge on Ferrari, who won from 1960 to 1965 and at the last moment an acquisition by Ford not let go and instead to Fiat got. There are strong rumours that Ford also with the new GT going to be racing at Le Mans, already has the brand that has not yet been officially confirmed. The final victory will not care about this, the GT will not be able to compete in the LP1 standings, but a victory in the LMGTE standings will Ford with a participation certainly pursue.

Ford GT40

Send in the GT for next to nothing
Who can’t wait and are behind the wheel and wants to crawl, will also be at his beck and call, the more than 600 horsepower car gets the leading part in Xbox game, Forza 6. When this racing game for the Xbox One exactly comes out is not known yet, but you bet on that you play earlier in the possession than the car, but because of the price…

EcoBoost or EcoBeast?
Very richly strews Ford still not with technical details, is the big news, of course, that the V8 is swapped for a V6 EcoBoost. Or would the EcoBeast?, Ford promises that the 3.5-liter big block with two turbos a spacious 600 hp will deliver. Ford has the block last season already significantly tested in the IMSA TUDOR racing series and knew three races to win, including the 12 hours of Sebring. Switch in the new GT can with flippers on the steering wheel which allows you to zevenbak with dual clutch controls. It is a transaxle, so gearbox and differential form a single whole and are located between the rear wheels.

Lightweight materials and race-technology
Compensated for Americans used to their large and especially heavy sports cars by simply an even larger V8 or V10 in to scoop up, now there is Ford serious work made the GT is as light as possible. The golden ingredient is, as usual, carbon fiber, lots of sheet metal and the entire monocoque is made of carbon built, with two subframes front and rear of aluminium. Not only the engine, the suspension has its roots in racing. Ford shows the GT pushrod suspension, the same system that Formula 1 cars are equipped with adjustable ride height. The 20″wheels are special Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup2 tyres that the French bandenboer specifically for the GT developed.

The appearance is largely established in the wind tunnel. So is the relatively narrow operator compartment designed for the frontal opervlak and the drag as low as possible, while various spoilers, including an active rear wing, the downforce optimization.

Ford GT

Why not a GT40?
For those who are after this whole story still wondering why Ford are the successors of the legendary GT40 is not just GT40 was called that name they sold already to builders of kitcars. However, there were already the GT70 and GT90. That last was a concept car from 1996, which was to celebrate that thirty year before Le Mans for the first time was won. Also, that concept car was not a retro-variant of the GT40, but a sharp, contoured supercar. The history repeats itself, though this GT, thankfully, in production! More good news is that Ford for 2020 12 new Ford Performance cars to present, including the GT, the F-150 Raptor and the Mustang Shelby GT350R, the first three copies.

Nice, but how does that sound?!
The question of questions, of course, is: “how does that V6 EcoBoost?” Well, pretty good! Admittedly, the drive of a trading floor is not the ideal opportunity for the sound to judge, but what we hear makes us all very happy. Judge for yourself? Check the video on Autojunk!

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